Contact : FAQ

1- Are your products marketed?

We currently focusing on WMS1000 wind turbine production, with a device of 1000 liters (280 gallons) of water per day, in a standard tempered weather.


2- Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are fully designed, and manufactured in France.


3- Where can we see a wind turbine?

The implementation of the WMS1000 is being set up on Abu Dhabi. It will be visible to the public in early 2012.


4- When do you plan to sell this wind turbine to individuals?

Eole Water strategy is moving towards machines for remote communities with higher capacity. No machine for private using is especially developed for the moment.


5- Who are your customers?

Our technology is aimed at national or local governements, NGO, local communities, eco-hôtels or large companies.


6- Who should use this device?

The purpose of this invention is to provide access to drinkable water to many. It is therefore indented to isolated villages, large farms, no water networks islands. The device can be used in the netire world.


7- Are there any distributors or representatives that we could contact for information?

Our distribution network is being built. For any question related to device acquisition, all Eole Water teams remain at your disposal, by e-mail or by phone.


8- Where the wind turbine can be set up?

Wind and humidity rate are the only device engines. It is technically possible to se it up in a large part of the world. However, atmospheric conditions survey (wind, temperature, humidity) must be realized before setting the wind turbine up. This is helpful to get an optimum yield.


9- Is the water produced drinkable?

This is the main objective of that device: provide drinkable water to many. Therefore, there are several steps to insure water quality:


  1. Filtration
  2. Sterilization
  3. Ultrafiltration
  4. Mineralisation


10- Is it possible to switch between water and power with this device?

Yes it is. Quantity of water and power can be chosen daily according to your needs.

Example :

  • 100% of water
  • 50% of water / 50% of power
  • 30% of water / 70% of power


11- Where is water stored?

A store protected tank has been expected at the foot of the wind turbine. The tank capacity is 10 m3.


12- How the wind turbine can resist with strong winds?

A mechanical system allows regulating automatically the blades openings in order to slow down rotation speed.  When the wind reaches 50 m/s speed, the mast can be lowered to avoid accidents. Moreover, this device incorporates a braking system of the axis rotation of the blades.


13- Does the wind turbine have an impact on environment?

The wind turbine complies with European standards R.E.A.C.H. Maintained properly, the device may have lifetime of 20 to 25 years before recycling. Wind and air are the only device engines needed to make the device work. Thus, it preserves groundwater and does not reject CO2. The process is completely eco-friendly.


14- Who performs maintenance?

Contracts for maintenance can be set up. In terms of maintenance, every year, a UVC filters changing and a visual control are needed to take care of the WMS 1000 wind turbine good-working.