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The WMS1000 wind turbine in Mussafah (United Arab Emirates)

Since November 2011, Eole Water has been conducting tests on drinking water production in Mussafah near Abu Dhabi in the UAE. This phase aims to demonstrate the technology's performance under extreme weather conditions.

This testing phase is the first step before the permanent implantation on the mast.

The WMS1000 wind turbine has been able to collect an average of more than 62 liters of water an hour with an average humidity rate of 45% and an average temperature of 24 ° C.

Samples were also taken to test water quality. The results have confirmed a much higher standard of quality than that required by the World Health Organization.

At the same time, Eole Water also offers visitors the opportunity to see the turbine in action and to taste the water harvested from the sky.

Download the technical brochure of the WMS1000 Wind Turbine (PDF)