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Today 150 million people worldwide live in isolated communities with no infrastructure, resulting in a lack of access to clean water and energy. This is not so much a problem of funding as a problem of appropriate techniques. Indeed, many states rely heavily on the implementation of centralised infrastructure, with the following consequences:

Installation and maintenance of hundreds of kilometers of underground piping
Installation and maintenance of hundreds of kilometers of electrical networks
Mass water management for large cities

This model is adapted for large urban areas. It is not necessarily adapted to small remote communities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, especially in developing countries.

Despite this, intelligent solutions combined with an effective local management of water can enable entire regions to develop, whilst also ensuring the preservation of local natural resources. It must not be forgotten that access to clean water is the main level of economic growth.

Thanks to its innovative technology which combines drinking water production and energy production, Eole Water wishes to offer these isolated communities a sustainable and high-performance model.

Here is an example of the implementation of a water / energy infrastructure in an isolated community:

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The management of this type of project can be divided into three main parts: water management, energy management and operational monitoring. In the field this means the following:

Water management :

  1. Atmospheric water production
  2. Eco-friendly water treatment and mineralisation
  3. Water tank storage with a self-cleaning system
  4. Local drinking water distribution

Energy production :

  1. Wind/Solar energy production
  2. Wind/Solar stabilisation power system (UPS)
  3. Energy distribution in a self-sufficient decentralised electrical grid

Operating process :

  1. Feasibility studies and project steering
  2. Project design and civil engineering works
  3. Operation and maintenance
  4. Equipment and technical support
  5. Remote back up monitoring system
  6. Water quality checks
  7. Intelligent off-grid management system