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Making water from air

The earth's atmosphere is packed with moisture. It is a huge freshwater reserve: 13000km3. Eole Water has created an innovative technology which is able to turn this moisture into drinking water.

This is done using a condenser with a moisture exchange surface which is one meter wide and five kilometers long. It is equipped with a revolutionary "food safe" stainless steel quality alloy, especially adapted to producing drinking water. It can sustain the water creation process for decades, without risk of corrosion.

The water then flows through a five-tier water treatment system, including an ultraviolet filter, in order to make it perfectly safe to drink. The quality of water collected exceeds the drinking water standards required by the World Health Organization.

The water production machine can collect up to 1500 liters of water a day depending on the climate.

This new technology is strongly influenced by the principles of sustainable development, with air, wind or sun being the only consumables. There is no CO² released, no groundwater drilling or water surface pumping.

Managing wind and sun energy

The main constraint of natural energy sources, wind and sun, is the difficulty in stabilising their power for use in an isolated network. Indeed, the majority of existing methods (wind farms and solar panels) exceeding 10 kW are designed for network injection, meaning that they are unable to operate independently outside of a standard stabilised power grid.

Consequently, in some countries, this may exclude the supply of isolated communities technically.

As a manufacturer of devices designed to be fully self-sufficent, Eole Water has developed a technology which is able to stabilise this energy for immediate use.

Thus, Eole Water is able to set up a multi-source local electrical network, decentralised from standard power grid, by using wind, solar or other source. This is an intelligent off-grid management system for private individuals and strategic buildings, particularly well suited to areas with little or no access to basic infrastructure.

Limiting maintenance costs

Remote areas are often subject to different environmental, technical or human constraints which prevent the effective maintenance of existing infrastructure. Through a variety of innovative devices, our technologies are designed to work in perfect autonomy whilst also minimising maintenance requirements:

  1. Quality tested components designed to withstand the most extreme climates, and optimised by experts in their sector: Danfoss, Leroy Somer, Siemens, Arcelor, etc.
  2. A self-cleaning heat exchanger system
  3. A 30kW direct drive generator without gearbox
  4. A hydraulic tilted mast able to withstand strong winds which does not require heavy lifting equipment for each maintenance operation
  5. Automatic shutters to protect against sandstorms and high densities of dust particles
  6. A remote monitoring system which enables our technical teams to detect any dysfunctions