Best Countertop Water Filters 2020


Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Portable, trendy, and equipped


Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Portable and durable
  • Includes a stainless steel water bottle


APEC Portable Countertop Water Filter
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

IThere are a few reasons that countertop water filters have risen in popularity. Firstly, the leading products can remove many contaminants from our tap water. This improves the taste and smell of the water that we use in our homes significantly.

They are much more affordable than whole-house systems most of the time. It's also useful that these types of filters are straightforward to set up. This is an excellent advantage for many people who are renting for short periods as complex filtration systems wouldn't be a feasible option.

With hundreds to choose from, the purpose of this piece is to introduce you to five models that we think are excellent choices for homeowners or renters across the USA.

Let's begin by looking at our favorite product.


Top Pick

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

This stylish filter is available in eight different colors, including chrome, making it easy to fit in with most kitchen designs. The alkaline drinking water filter system removes sediment, chlorine, and radon from tap water.

Additionally, this APEX model filters out Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium, both of which can contribute to waterborne illnesses.

These models have been conveniently designed to sit on any kitchen counter, are simple to install, and will easily connect to most standard model kitchen faucets. The product comes with all the necessary hardware for DIY installation.

They are a cost-effective way to stop wasting money on buying bottled water, while at the same time doing your bit for the environment by using less single-use plastic.


  • Cost-effective, safe water filtration that will improve the health of your family by decontaminating your standard tap water.
  • Environmental responsibility - Making a clear choice to stop purchasing bottled water and contributing to landfills all over the world.
  • Portable, trendy, and equipped with a filter that can purify 750 gallons of drinking water before a replacement is needed.


  • The filter can be incredibly difficult to remove when it is time for it to be replaced.
  • In some instances, algae have formed inside these products if they have been exposed to direct sunlight from kitchen windows.



Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey is a fantastic portable dispenser that manages to remove many harmful contaminants from your water supply. This product is reasonably priced and made with premium-quality materials. Its filters have been tested to exceed the NSF standards for water treatment systems.

Unlike most models in a similar price bracket, the Big Berkey can remove water fluoride, and re-oxidized arsenic three and arsenic 5. Both of these types of arsenic can cause severe health issues, even at low doses.

Big Berkey uses two excellent filters - the PF2 and the black BB9, which come as part of this product package or can be bought separately.

The PF2s can process 1,000 gallons or 3800 liters of water before replacement is necessary. The black BB9s can process 3,000 gallons or 11,400 liters of water. The product is incredibly durable and requires no electricity, tools, or plumbing to start filtering your water.


  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Portable and durable.
  • Includes a stainless steel water bottle.


  • Has to be filled up manually.
  • Assembly instructions are a little unclear.



APEC Portable Countertop Water Filter

This impressive portable countertop version conducts four stages of water processing.

Firstly, water runs through a sediment filter with pores that are just five microns in size. Next, the water will be processed with activated coconut carbon. At this point in the purification journey, many pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, and disinfection by-products are removed.

Next, reverse osmosis frees the water of minerals and heavy metals. Finally, the fourth filter cartridge uses more activated coconut carbon to remove any foreign tastes or smells that remain in the water.

Installation is also a straightforward process. Simply place the filter on your counter, connect it to your faucet, switch on the tap, and hey presto… crisp, purified water.

With no tank to store water, the flow is not very strong. However, it can make about 3 gallons every hour, given that the original pressure is somewhere in the region of 40 and 80 psi.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Takes up space on your bench
  • It doesn't come with an independent faucet


cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System

CleanWater4Less Water Filter is one of the most cost-effective and efficient water filters that can be purchased today.

Excellent Lifespan of up to Seven Years

This water filter can filter over 10,000 gallons of water. This means that an average family of four that use 1500 gallons per year can get seven years of value from this product.

Excellent Filtration

The CleanWater4Less water filter can remove the taste and odor from radon, chlorine, VOC, and other heavy materials from your household water. It includes a high-grade GAC filter, two stages of pre-filters, and two stages of post-filters.

Simply put, we love this product! This is a must for families that want to create safer, cleaner water, on a sensible budget.


  • The product lasts for up to seven years.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • Suitable for chlorine treated city water sources.


  • Hard to estimate when the unit will need replacing.
  • The company does not state a warranty period.


Aquasana Clean Water Machine

The Aquasana Active Clean Water Machine creates purer drinking water than most of the other filters you can currently buy. The water only tastes delicious, and it's also 100% odor-free – all for about 10 cents per gallon.

The system uses electricity to propel raw tap water through a Claryum filter block, giving you an excellent filtration rate. To be precise, it will provide you with a flow rate of .5 gallons per minute.

This is a lot more water than what you would get from any gravity-based pitcher. So for busy areas, busy people, or those of us who want things to work quickly and efficiently, this is a great product

The product sits on any bench top and is incredibly easy to use. You can choose between two elegant designs. One is in black, the other in white. Additionally, you can select a machine that comes with a pitcher or a dispenser, with no difference in cost.

The pitcher can be undocked and placed in your refrigerator for cooling, which is a benefit that the dispenser will not allow.

However, the dispenser model has the advantage of holding double the amount of water that fits into the pitcher. The difference being half a gallon.


  • Aquasana's Clean Water Machine can remove every single contaminant imaginable – except fluoride – and it will retain all healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium while doing so.
  • You get healthy drinking water that is 100% safe for consumption.
  • Reducing acidic compounds and preserving minerals also helps to improve water alkalinity and overall pH for improved hydration.


  • Many of these units have been returned and replaced because they are prone to leaking.
  • Some people have complained that these filter systems are too noisy for their peaceful home environment.

Buyers Guide

Why Purchase a Countertop Water Filter System?

1. They are Incredibly Convenient

Countertop systems are simple concerning installation and maintenance. They come a close second to pitcher filters if we're talking about convenience.

Many over the counter water filter systems attach to the sink tap, with the water then being fed through a filter to pour from the faucet attached to the filter device. This takes just minutes to set up and requires little DIY skills or maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, most versions use just one filter. These filters only ever need replacing every 3-12 months. Changing the filter is often a screw out/screw in job, which involves twisting the housing off and snapping the new filter into place.

2. They are Good Value for Money

Whole house water filtration systems can cost over $1000. However, the majority of bench top units are a tiny fraction of this cost. This is mainly due to the difference in size and capacity. A large house would have to filter a vast volume of water and maintain a decent level of pressure at the same time. They work solely with the kitchen faucet and handle much smaller amounts of water and lower pressures.

3. They're Cost-effective Compared to Different Water Filter Methods of a Similar Price

When we consider cheaper methods of water filtration, countertop systems are by far the most cost-effective.

This is because they can use bigger filters and offer several stages of filtration. By using several stages of filtration, they can remove a broader range of contaminants and pollutants from drinking water. That being said, a reverse osmosis system would be more productive, but it would also cost more money.

4. Filters Last Longer Than Similarly Priced Water Filtration Methods

Because the filters are more significant than those of faucet and pitcher devices, they have a longer lifespan. Some filters can last up to twelve months, keeping running costs and maintenance low.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we stick by our recommendation to purchase the Apex (MR-1050). It's sleek, affordable, durable, convenient, and will remove all the sediments and unwanted chemicals from your tap water. It will help to protect you and your family from waterborne illnesses, and will easily connect to any standard model kitchen faucet.

Whatever model you choose to purchase, you're protecting yourself, your loved ones, and the environment. Countertop water filters are an affordable alternative to whole house filtration systems and reverse osmosis machines, and will often offer similar levels of protection to these expensive products.