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Technical information

How do your machines operate?

'Condensation' is the master word. This is all about turning a natural phenomenon into a predictable effective process, with noticeable yield.

All our machines operate following the same general process: The ambient air is sucked in the machine and cooled down to its dew point, causing condensation and formation of water. Then, the water is filtered and mineralized to obtain drinking water.

Such operations require energy. Our machines are suitably designed to be self-sufficient, as they generate their own renewable energy: The WMS1000 wind turbine generates and stabilizes the wind energy, thus available to operate all the system (refrigerating compressors, fans, pumps, water treatment, etc.). Our solar models (WMS30kW-SP or NERIOS.S3) generate energy through dedicated solar panels, following the MPTT curve, and convert this energy through an inverter to run each part of the device.

Obviously, energy from the grid or a generator can be used to run the machines and two models in the range have been specifically developed for such applications.

Can the machines work in arid countries?

There is always a certain percentage of humidity in the air, otherwise we could not breathe. Moreover, people usually do not settle where conditions are too harsh; they may be only passing through. However, some regions across the world are particularly hot and dry. If the machines do not work efficiently in hot climate conditions with very little humidity during the day, they can produce water with a good performance during the night, when the difference between air temperature and dew point temperature is smaller.

To take advantage of the best possible conditions, at night, despite the absence of solar radiations, Eole Water has developed NERIOS.S3.NERIOS.S3 has a particular unique feature, specially intended for arid areas: it is equipped with an ice accumulator. The energy provided by solar radiations during the day is stored under the form of ice. The cold is then used at night or early morning, at the most favorable hours, to condense the air, using less energy and increasing performance of water output. In addition, this is an eco-friendly solution, with an endless charging and discharging cycle, contrary to conventional batteries.

Grid, solar panels or wind turbine?

Solar panels or wind turbines are ideal to meet water needs of isolated sites, rural or remote areas. The stand-alone generators can run few hours after installation without connection to electricity network. This technology is more eco-friendly andreduces the carbon impact of water production on the environment.

For areas already supplied with conventional energy, the grid-tied model can be a more practical and effective solution.Supplied with stable and reliable energy, the machines can operate 24 hours per day. These generators require less space compared with solar or wind turbine models and are easier to transport and to install.

Can I use solar electricity for my house?

The solar panels supply the electricity needed to run the device. They can be used as a backup generator for home needs but water production will be stopped during this period.

How much water do the machines produce?

The amount of water depends on atmospheric conditions of the site where the machine is installed and may vary from day to day and even from hour to hour.

Our equipment will work best in warm humid areas but our machines start running fine from:

  • Temperature > 5°C or 41°F
  • Relative Humidity > 30%

A table of average water output is reproduced on each of our brochures.

The average yield is progressing with each new design and we are continuing to improve the COP (Coefficient of Performance) of our machines.

Why the water is treated?

Water from condensation is comparable to rainwater: it should not be considered drinkable for human. The raw water needs to be purified to become a safe and tasteful drinking water. This treatment is performed directly by the machines with a series of processing steps: filtration and ultrafiltration, mineralization and a high-performance UV treatment.

How can I be sure that the water produced is pure?

The water produced by Eole Water machines is guaranteed to be safe and healthy, free of bacteria, without sodium, nitrates, heavy metals or chemical residues.

The water from Eole Water devices has been tested by certified laboratories and meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards

Is it expensive to produce water?

Our machines are specifically designed to consume as little energy as possible and the price per liter with the grid-tied model is lower than the price of bottled water.

With the wind or solar models, electricity costs are reduced or for zero.

Why do I prefer your products?

Compared with other systems, the air condensation process produces water without tapping into existing sources, freshwater or saltwater, without rejection of chemicals, pollutants or brine, and without costly conveyance infrastructure.

With its wind or solar models, Eole Water is the only one to propose standalone water making systems able to generate both renewable energy and water, with a remarkable production capacity at the exact location it is required.

Commercial information

What are your delivery times?

Our manufacturing lead-times may vary depending on activity and time period but they usually range between 3 to 6 months, depending the model. The delivery times are specified on our quotes or our pro forma invoices.

What is the price of the machine?

For prices and information, please contact us or contact our authorized distributor in your country.

Can you arrange the transport of the machine?

Upon request, Eole Water can provide national or international delivery services.

Where can I buy your products?

Our machines can be purchased directly from our offices in France or from our local partners across the world. To find an authorized dealer near you, contact us or refer to 'Our partners' Tab.

Installation requirements

Where can I install the NERIOS?

This machine is to be installed outside, on flat dense ground or a concrete slab. The air inlet side should be facing prevailing winds. It is recommended to leave a space of 2 m all the way around the machine to allow access from all sides, and allow the machine to draw in and expel air properly.

Once positioned into place, the only technical work remains to connect the machine to a dock or camping connection, to a generator, and/or to the solar PV array through the provided inverter, before switching it on.

Where can I install solar panels?

Solar panels can be installed on rooftops, building tops or ground-mounted structures. Solar panels perform at optimum capacity placed at the most direct sun exposure. The water generator should be installed nearby to minimize electric cable lengths and potential losses of energy. The installed peak power required is specified on the brochure of our solar models.

How to install the WMS1000 wind turbine?

Before considering installing the wind turbine, wind patterns and speeds must be studied. The WMS1000 wind turbine requires a minimum wind speed of 7 m/s to be efficient. Due to the size of the equipment (hub height is 24m), a building permit is required; in some circumstances, environmental study and soil survey may be requested.

Civil works are required prior installation (earthworks, concrete base, technical room, fences...). Special equipment for handling works, such as cranes, is necessary for erecting the wind turbine safely. The overall process, as well as overall costs, is not negligible; the task of managing the project should be entrusted to an appropriate company.

Eole Water will bring its expertise for putting the equipment itself into service, making any adjustments and settings on electrical parameters, human machine interface, etc.

Having carried out these steps, the WMS1000 is expected to steadily operate over at least thirty years, if well maintained.


How long is the guaranty of your products?

Eole Water grants its customers a free one-year guarantee on parts and labor. Warranty extension packs (2 or 5 years) are proposed with all our devices.

Maintenance and repairing works

What is the average lifespan of your machines?

The lifetime of a machine is from 20 to 25 years with very little maintenance, thanks to high-quality and reliable components.

How the machines are repaired or maintained?

Visual inspection and first-level maintenance for change of consumables (air filters, water filters and mineralization cartridges, UV lamps) are easy to perform, using the operation manual.

For other maintenance operations or repair works, less frequent, they are to be carried out by Eole Water or by a qualified service technician (in electricity, electro-technic, plumbing or HVAC).

A service contract can be entered into with Eole Water at the time of purchase or immediately after the first year of warranty.

If I want to purchase spare parts or consumable, where can I buy them?

In order to extend the life expectancy of your machine and assert its guaranty, Eole Water recommends the use of certified spare parts and consumable. Eole Water is at your disposal to inform you about the spare parts or accessories replacement for your machine and where they can be purchased.

Business development

How can I become Eole Water distributor?

We place great importance on our distributors and want to create close working relationship with them. Our distribution strategy focuses on companies committed to environmental protection, energy saving or water industry and is based on mutual trust which translate in win-win business for both parties.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor and you have the following features, please contact us.

  • Have a certain starting capital to develop this new activity,

  • Know the local market, have a strong field presence, a strong network and a good commercial reputation,

  • Have solid technical knowledge, curiosity and ability,

  • Sincere cooperation intentions, with genuine effort of market development, operational skills,

  • Staffed with professional and technical personnel

What are the benefits of becoming our distributor?

Our company provides ongoing commercial and technical support, complete information on pending projects, tailored solutions, R&D and products to come, skill sharing, training, advisory services, etc.

Distributor acts as the Prescriber, undertakes the promotion and distribution of the products on the territory, and is the project leader on final implementation. He bills the final customer and he is highly expected to provide local servicing and maintenance, from which he receives direct recurring revenues.